Brooklyn – Williamsburg /Macy Av-
This neighborhood of New York City, especially the North West, is supposed to be one of the most creative of America. In the nineties, the artistic community from Manhattan has moved to Williamsburg. The rent and the lifestyle were way more affordable and they just crossed the Brooklyn Bridge. The atmosphere of the area reminds me of Portland Oregon, a place filled with photographers, musicians, sculptors, graphics designers and fashion designers. In Brooklyn though there are more jewelers. All these creative people had established a neighborhood, far from the noisy and fancy Manhattan. Here culture is the main business and it creates a nice environment. For some reasons, culture establishes a stronger sense of community. That may have something to do with the fact that art is all about discovering what it means to be a human being. Thus, as people get to know each better they want to get closer. RB

Here some great adresses :
Camille Hempel, a jewelry designer in Williamsburg
Marlow and Sons, an activist restaurant in Williamsburg
Beacon Closet, the vintage mecca in Williamsburg

Five Leaves, a café in Greenpoint, originally created by Heath Ledger
Word Shop, library in Greenpoint
Powerhouse, photo bookshop in Dumbo
New York Photo Festival 2009 in Dumbo from May14th to 24th
Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School, flea market in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.


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