Douglas Kirkland took photos of Coco Chanel in 1962

Kirkland Douglas
He is now 74 years old but he was then a 25-year-old photographer. He wanted to conquer the world but was also a very insecure young man. He tells now how grateful he is to Coco Chanel for the confidence she gave him. Once she decided she could trust him, she introduced him to her world, opened up and brought him everywhere. It was after he showed her the photos she asked him to take of her models. However, he remembers her as a strong woman who would not listen to anyone.
Going through her life, I learnt that she had a Nazi boyfriend during the war and was never sorry about that. I was surprised. Chanel is known worldwide but of course the brand tries to hide this part of the designer’s life. In what ways does this info affect her talent ? I can not answer the question but apparently French people were, for a long time, reluctant to buy Chanel. I like that. Douglas Kirkland was comissioned by Look Magazine. It’s the first time that these 40 prints are showed.


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