Chanel Mobile Art

October 21st was a Chanel day. For, I had to be at 9 am at Rumsfield Park where the Chanel Mobile Art, the art installation of Zaha Hadid, landed. It was a cold but sunny morning. I love mornings and in NYC there are even better. Its energy speeds me on the right pace and here I am more than ever happy and ready to face the day in an amazing environment : Central Park. This park belongs to the NYC fantasy. Most of us strolls in and sees “Love Story“ of Arthur Miller, “Manhattan“ of Woody Allen, “Marathon Man“ of John Schlesinger or “Greetings“ of Brian de Palma. It’s the fall but I can barely see the red leaves. Park is still in its green days.

Chanel did a great job. The signs to get there from 72d street were cleverly set up and of course as stylish as Chanel can be. I’m impressed by the installation. It looks like a beautiful UFO. Though the men in black standing at the entrance to look after the place and the people are a bit scary. Therefore, Chanel has the reputation of being bossy. I can see that. Once I got in, the travel begins. Again I had to follow exactly what the Chanel’s staff wanted me to do it. Young ladies gave me headphones and made sure I will listen to Jeanne Moreau’s text and do what she was saying. With her husky voice she introduced me to Sophie Calle, Daniel Buren and other artists work and even asked me to stop and take the time to listen ti what she had to say. It was an entertaining 30 minutes walk. My favorite art was Stephen Shore’s photos that showed the Chanel’s workshop in Paris and the world of working persons that we never think of when it comes to luxury. At night, Chanel had a party with a lot of celebreties. If Champagne and white wine were endless, the food was almost none. It was also interesting to see that most of stars showed up to make sure they were photographed and left as soon as they could.


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