Kaï Kühne

After his runway this fall, he had a whole page in the New York Times. Two years ago, no one had bet a penny on his carrier. He left the As four or was kicked out of the group. He was not anymore part of this trendy downtown NYC scene. The new Factory was over anyway. Page 6 was the only one that paid attention to his fighting and troubled behaviours. Here what I had heard when I met Kaï Kühne in his studio in Chelsea near the river for Vogue.fr. I wasn’t expecting anything special other than one more fashion designer that would over played his artistic role. I was wrong. I found an handsome man, sensitive, culturally skilled and funny. Funny as can be an egocentric person aware of his egocentrism… Open to the world as can be a person that seeks for a sens and giving as a person that needs to share its world to make sure of its reality. Some would not like Kaï’s collection for it’s 80tish taste but no one can argue the quality of his garment. Their sharp and straight shapes show the particular attention he had for the seams and all the details therefore it avoids a sens of strictness and has a fluidity twist thanks to the fabrics he chooses.  Kaï Kühne Style is there.

Kaï Kühne is on the photo with Corinna, his PR person.


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