Alexander Wang

alexander wang
I met him in his studio in Tribeca a few days before he won the CFDA (Vogue Prize). It was almost mid-november. For a few weeks, the weather was unexpectedly mild. That day, though, it rained softly. Alexander Wang is not even 25 years old and yet the fashion world looks up to him. He has created a new style combining a lay back but dashing type of clothes. A stamp that comes from the easy going atmosphere he was brought up in San Francisco and his passion for style. He is talented, sharp and witty. He says NYC gave him the energy to start his company. NYC seems to be and will likelihood stay an inspiring city. I always wondered why. I found some anwers. The most accurate but also the less original one is to say that people come here to become. It goes from the immigrant that left his country because he needed to make a living to the one who needs to get away from his culture to find himself. The energy of NYC helps you to go forward. Where this energy comes from ? Maybe from the confrontation of so many different cultures that creates a world that can feed anyone as we are all part of a whole. In NYC you have this opportunity. I loved meeting Alexander Wang because he is a kid. He smiles and has fun as kids do. They can not hide their happiness.


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