Inauguration day

New country, new traditions. Inauguration Day seems a pretty important day in the American politics and life. This year is even more prized. Nadine Rubin, one of my friends, brought me to Columbia University where she is taking art journalism classes. She is a senior journalist but as a former editor, she felt the need to learn to become a writer. Taking classes is such a common thing in NYC. Everyone seems to join a course and that’s exciting and challenging. People want to improve and go forward. Back to Obama. For the first time in Columbia’s history, this university has a student who became President. They set a big screen in front of the Low Memorial Library where students stood. It was a cold but very sunny day with a blue sky that belongs only to NYC. We stayed there since Elizabeth Alexander read her poem. It was again pretty emotional. I watched the students showing their happiness when Diane Feinstein, The Democratic Senator of California talked, booing when Bush arrived and being quiet when Reverend Warren made his speech. They didn’t like him but they may have feel they had to be respectful…. Eventually, we cruised to Harlem on 125th street. I had Gil Scott Heron’s record “Small talk at125 th“ in my head even though the atmosphere was tremendously joyful. Everyone had a huge smile on their faces. We enjoyed our time, talked with people and stopped for lunch at Sylvia’s, a long time well-known joint in the neighborhood. Obama is officially the President of the United States of America. Great news for the country and awsome news for the world. Daniel Cohen-Bendit said we are all German jews, are we all Americans ?


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