Jason Wu


Fashion week starts
Michelle Obama chose to wear his dress for the inauguration day party. An amazing white gown. Here again a young man who is barely 26 years old but has made a huge achievement in his life. Not only that but now his dress is at the Smithsonian Institute. I was invited to see his runway on Friday at the Exit gallery way out on the West side of Chelsea. It’s a no man’s land. It’s the NYC that was shown in the movies in the 70’s. Thus this city is not all gentrified and that’s good news. The gallery is a pretty small place. Only three hundred persons can get in. It’s really nice to attend an event that has a human scale. The dresses were amazingly beautiful. It’s a mix of really good fabrics with original and subtle prints, sharp and feminine patterns. You don’t see it right away but you feel everything is in the details. The delicate hair bands were designed by Albertus Swanepoel … Jason Wu pays an unbelievable amount of attention to them. For a few years he designed doll’s dresses and when I interviewed him he told me how much he learnt doing this job. Making clothes on miniatures is way more difficult he said. I like looking at dresses but I usually don’t care much. This time was different.

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