Ash Wednesday

This morning I was kind of cranky. After work, I decided to go to the gym. Crossing Broadway, I saw women with black stains on their foreheads. It looked like a cross but I was too much into my thoughts to stop and observe. Therefore I had the shadow of the church nearby and I began to imagine that a secretive society was living around and had come out. I went back to my thoughts, acknowledging that I might have seen too many movies but when I got out of the gym, I crossed several other people with this cross on their forehead. I began to worry a bit. What’s going on ? Who are these people ? Where do they come from ? On the train, I saw a young woman with the same cross. If young people also have this cross, this is really bad sign. I found out later that it was Ash Wednesday where people place ashes on their foreheads as a sign of repentance. To me, they all look like they were brainwashed. It’s important to know the history, the history of religions, to celebrate them as a tradition or a memory but to act as if it was still meaningful really scares me.


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