Jenny Holzer at the Whitney

p1080086 holzer
Tomorrow Jenny Holzer’s exhibition will open at the Whitney. It’s a major exhibition that shows the last 15 years of her work. I saw it today during the press review and I was again struck by the power of words when they are out of context. Jennifer Holzer is famous for projecting words on public buildings but also for her electronic Led signs where her words or the words she choose from others run in a loop. Both ways emphasize the meaning of these signs assemblage even though some remain dead letter. Therefore, after a few seconds, the mind is stuck on some of them. Thus all day long, the words keep on popping up in your mind randomly. Deed. Yes, we all know how it feels good to do one good deed for a day. Yet, it needs to be reminded … watching the US Central Command Power Point presentation to the White House outlining strategies for the war in Iraq gives such a sensation of non sense as having justice and military words next to each other and so forth and so on. Needless to say that I highly recommend this exhibition.
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