92 second street Y Susan Neri-Friedwald

Most of us, foreigners, speak english right ? First we learnt it at school as the universal language and second the anglo saxon culture has always been part of our lives : tv series, music, movies, books and so on and so forth. That’s what a foreigner feels when he lives in America, especially in NYC. But it’s wrong. Must of us get by with english and that’s irritating because you want the people to understand you in all the shades of your thoughts. At least it’s what I feel. Thus I wanted to improve my english. I have been told that 92 street Y is a great place to take classes. I discovered a place that provides also high quality programs in the arts, culture, Jewish life, education, health, fitness, personal growth and travel. As a matter of fact, I have a great teacher. She often light a bulb because if anything, she is able to give an explanation to every questions. Actually she understands why her student don’t understand and she always find a way for her – we are all women- to get the sense of the rule. Her name Susan Neri-Friedwald. Check her out.

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