How can you live in NYC and not enroll a gym ? That’s non sense ! I enrolled Equinox. Basically it’s where the average cool new-yorker goes. It’s actually a really good way to get rid of the tensions that sometimes life brings to you but it’s above all a great spot to watch people and cultural differences. Americans are obsessed with their body and in NYC more than anywhere else. People think that the body shows who you are which is, I have to say, a moot point. It does but it’s a really complicated issue. So it’s pretty interesting to see that everybody goes to the gym. Mine in Tribeca has a lot of pregnant women which fit with the neighborhood ! But for me, it was almost shocking to see these women sweating like pigs, walking on the elliptical, using weights like crazy and every so often doing push ups… In Europe, pregnant women try to keep themselves from violent movements even though most of them work their asses off and have a busy life. They would go to Fedelkrais classes. Not only there are pregnant women but there is also a religious Jew. It’s fun to see him getting in the gym with his big black hat. He rides the bike with his kippah. Slowly. He is never on a hurry. Needless to say, that most of the women works out with headphones, magazines and black berry laying on the elliptical. When you think about it, Candace Bushnell had right under her nose all the material of Sex in the City.



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