Dj Mehdi

p1080142Mehdi got in town Saturday morning and at night he was at Studio B in Brooklyn where he performed with A-track. The place was packed with kids who genuinely enjoyed the music. That was their statement. For few months, these two Djs were quite annoyed by a young public who jumps like crazy and thus poses rather than enjoys the sound. Mehdi is a beloved artist in Europe. asked me to get his 10 most wanted addresses in NYC. The job was easy because the buddy cherishes the city where he has and still is collecting great memories. Thus, on Monday, we wandered around mainly in the Lower East Side. Unsurprisingly, he brought me to some records shops. The one where he was moved more than anything else was at A1 record, the mecca of black American music. He got a thrill out of the atmosphere and had also this line about how sad it is sometimes to see all these vinyls dumped when you how much of himself an artist puts in his work.

It was a pretty long time that we didn’t take the time to hang out together. I was so happy to recapture his passion and love for life and music. Dj Mehdi reads a lot and lies in wait on all the subjects he is interested in. Not only. He loves sharing his knowledge. He can talk for hours. Hip Hop is, of course, one of his favorites. It’s so great to hear him telling the reasons why some raps were written and so on and so forth. He is a kind of western rapologist. Nevertheless, his knowledge goes far beyond Hip Hop. The buddy has an enquiring mind which means great conversations on life. He runs a blog as every member of the Ed Banger Crew. SoMe, the art director had found the greatest title for it : Mehdipedia ! Mehdi is a prized talking partner and I’m grateful to have him.

– March 19th at South by Southwest Austin/Texas
– March 27th in Miami
– March 18th at Coachella


One response to “Dj Mehdi

  1. I met DJ Mehdi, a cool cat who really knows a lot ’bout music. I couldn’t follow him, he knew too much !

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