AIPAD Photography show

AIPAD is celebrating its 30th anniversary. This photography show is one of the decisive events in the NY life. It takes place at the Armory, a mind-blowing space Uptown, especially for the height of its ceiling. As usual Robert Frank, André Kertesz, Diane Arbus, HCB and the others are exhibited. Their compassionate, profound and cheerful views belong to this rare and precious truth that makes life so amazing. And who is not bewitched by the beauty of nature shown by Ansel Adams or the amazing construction of Stephen Shore’s images ? Sure enough, even though I may have seen those photos a thousand of times, I can not get tired of them. I was also moved more than anything else by a photo of Roman Vishniak who got to document the Jewish ghetto in Eastern Europe at the beginning of the century. Aipad is also, if not mostly, the occasion to hit on new photographers. I had a crush on the snowy landscapes and dogs of Pentti Sammalahti, a Finnish photographer who is already well-known. Harry Callahan – not the police inspector- was not far from there.
I liked Gail Albert Halaban’s color shot of Manhattan as Richard Morat’s view of the daily life. Also, just to make it even better, AIPAD is dedicated to creating and maintaining high standards in the business of exhibiting, buying and selling photographs as art. Thus the members have agreed to a Code of Ethics. Worth it, isn’t it ?



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