Helen Levitt

Helen Levitt died march 30th. She was 95 years old. Death is sad but it’s kind of cool to see that great people can live a long life. I noticed that often they die pretty young. The NY Times wrote a concise piece on her, thus, there is no need to review her life again which, by the way, was amazing. Helen Levitt embodies the american photography which proclaims that a picture is not an illustration of the reality but the translation of the photographer’s point of view. In other words, two photographers in a same situation produce two different pictures. Most of them are street photographers. They work where life is still the most vivid. Helen Levitt had a sweet and thoughtful stance on New York, the city where she was born and where she lived. Whether the foresight is sad, harsh, painful or delightful, genuine and straightforward, a photo can tell a lot about who we are. It captures its sum and substance. Sometimes it helps us to transcend ourselves and so gives the mind a wider sense of our reality. Photos are worth seeing.
PS : Helen Levitt was more a black and white photographer but I do like this ones.



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