Dating on the Internet

How do we meet the person with whom we will fall in love and we may want to share our life with ? When will it happen ? Waiting -sometimes for Godot- for this completely random moment where looks go right through the body is part of the game. You don’t know anything about the person, therefore s/he mysteriously and intensely affects you. Her/his behaviour, style may sketch an idea of the type of person s/he is. Yet the lines remain blurred. Yet again, in NYC, it’s quite normal to meet and date through websites. After all, the market is permanent (couples will never disappear ), huge and expanding (prearranged marriage is an endangered species) so why shouldn’t people have at their disposal a fair amount of possibilities ? Some saw cleverly Internet as the perfect place to feed this market. It displays particularly two major conveniences :
1- people pick and choose.
2- No real danger as there is no leap into the unknown
Dating on the Internet translates this American idea of “if you want, you can“ which is why half of the world is in love with this country. “if you want, you can“ is a great energy to move on in life. “If I want, I can“. Sure. But what I want and what I can depends deeply on what I do not control and love is a lot about this unknown, unpredictable space. So how can a predetermined profile fill this reality ? I come up with the thought that dating on the Internet may be the new prearranged marriage …
and so on and so forth ….


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