Erica Jong

She sold 20 million copies of her books all around the world ! She is a popular writer, therefore she is a powerful one. Fear of Flying , How to Save Your Own Life, Seducing the Demon: Writing for My Life are milestones of modern literature. Tonight, she was at Mc Nally Robinson, the nice, indipendent and necessary bookshop in Soho where book choices are impeccable. Erica Jong prized these spaces since she sees them going out of business. She read some of her poetry that was just published. During the whole time, she seemed fragile and frail. Somehow it’s also what writing creates. A writer touches the vulnerability of the being. He sees his. Thus, she admits that writing is a struggle and it gets worse book after book… but writing is one of the last places where truth can be reached, she said, adding that it’s the reason why we are on earth. She deeply believes that getting the right word can change the world. When a young woman told her how her generation feels towards feminism, she invites her to “never stop protesting. When there is silence, man always take it over“ she explained.
Living in NYC is having the opportunity to listen to the greatest artists and characters of our time. At one point, they all end up living here.
In 1998, Erica Jong was honored with the United Nations Award for Excellence in Literature. She has received Poetry magazine’s Bess Hokin Prize for her poetry and the Deauville Award for Literary Excellence in France. In Italy, she received the Sigmund Freud Award for Literature in 1975.




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