The Tribeca Film Festival is another expression of a certain American culture. The one who tells stories about beings and is also entertnaining. Thus learning – culture, best place to grasp- turns out to be amusing and lighthearted. That’s what I love about American culture. In Europe, often good culture, good art has to be serious, boring and heavy. Otherwise it’s barely considered. It’s unfortunate because it’s the best way to run away from it. I realized a couple of years ago that culture and art are probably the “easiest” and richest places where truth can be found. It’s a huge field filled with human images that can fit anyone’s being. It remains to pick and choose. It took me time to understand that I was a whole thing made out of pieces that have to be revealed in order to become. I know that some believe that when they were born, they already were : Jewish, Muslim, American, Japanese and so on and so forth. These are frames and we have the opportunity to draw the picture. I believe that when we are born we already are but one of life’s work is to find out who we are. Therefore, it may be the greateast and funniest game.
The Festival begins April 22 to May 3 but since the beginning of the week, pre-screenings for press run. Last night I saw the Good Guy by Julio Depietro. The movie doesnt suit what I just wrote. It was just entertaining. But nobody is perfect…

Tribeca Film Festival



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