State of Play

or when All the President’s Men meets The Insider. The film is almost as fascinating as this. Kevin Mc Donald’s filmmaking has a fervent documentary esthetic inspired by the greatest directors from the 70’s and he got a golden topic based on the TV show which components are attractive :
– A Press Room. I always find it a great space where to set a story. It gathers concerns and issues of life. Thus, the movie underlines the current problems raised when media are bought first and foremost to make money and not to inform people.
– Politics. Another great spot to watch human nature and its fantastic greed !
– Love Story. Even though it’s definetely not the strongest element of the movie, it’s really cool to see Robin Wright Penn who deserves to work more.
If sometimes, the under plots were over the top, it didn’t spoil the whole story. Again a cultural piece that combines flawlessly knowledge and entertainment.
It opens April 17th nation-wide.

imdb State of Play

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