An Englishman in New York


The next few days will focuse mainly on movies as the Tribeca Film festival screenings are getting more intense. Tonight I saw An English man in New York that tells the story of Quentin Crisp, an English writer and a gay icon of the 70s. Awesome little movie and so New York.

As soon as he arrives in the city, he summarizes what almost every foreigner feels

The moment I saw Manhattan I wanted it. It was more like the movies than I had ever dreamt

Not only the movie shows the colorful, joyful and energized city but it points out the happiness of being oneself instead of following what one should be. Here another extract of what he said

You should make no effort to try to join society. Stay right where you are. Give your name and serial number and wait for society to come to you

To me, that’s the key definition of New York.

Brian Fellis, the filmmaker and the cast – John Hurt first- have been able to bring the shades of Quentin Crisp. It’s an enjoyable movie.

2009 celebrates the gay liberation and already awarded a movie : Milk of Gus Van Sant. Others events are scheduled.



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