Body Freaks

Nothing over 500 calories
is written on the door of this snack bar. I know the photo is so bad that I need a caption…
Body Freaks
Be thin, slim & get fit. i is a key image for the body. Be rangy.
No sweets. No alcohol. No bread. No starchy carbs. No dairy.
No hip. No thigh. No behind.
Protein. Protein. Protein. Protein.
Chicken & Tuna. No red meat.
Low-carb diets versus high-protein diets.
Nutrition Facts.
Maybe that’s why, since so many years the amazing vitamines market expanded .

Work out. Run. Work Out. Run.

NYC is a body freaks city. Beyond millions of blogs, websites, magazines… that provide information on diet and what to do to become thin, slim & fit, vital juice is an interesting on line news.


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