City Island

A little, cute, lovely, funny and touching movie about an Italian family who lives on this Island on the Bronx and which members always avoid to share feelings and ideas. They rather be silent than expose their failure, doubt or passion to each other which create dreadful misunderstandings and sometimes funny ones.

Andy Garcia is a prison guard who is secretly taking acting lessons ( fun and scornfulness point of view on actors) with Alan Arkin (amazing actor) but never told his wife who feels rejected by her husband. The two kids (I can see Dominik García-Lorido, the daughter, in the next Sofia Coppola’s film) are lost in translation but as they all love one another, they end up by overcoming all the problems they have generate by staying secretive.

I saw City Island at the Tribeca Festival. People in the theater laughted a lot. André Leon Talley, editor-at-large of Vogue, was also there. He had a big bucket of popcorn. Instead of putting them in his mouth, he would move the mouth to the bucket. So elegant…
City Island by Raymond De Felitta


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