Pen World Voices Festival

This literary festival started yesterday and for six days, the city will hold conversations, panels, performances and readings with 160 established and emerging authors from 40 countries. However some events were organized a few days before. Thus on Friday, I attended the conversation of J.M Le Clezio with Adam Gopnik at 92 Y. I didn’t really go for the author. I wanted to see Adam Gopnik who I thought could be a good person to talk with about how I could share my views on NYC. He is the American who is entitled to talk about Paris, the French culture and lifestyle because he lived there and loves the country, isn’t he ? It didn’t happen. I didn’t get the chance to talk to him. Next time. Therefore, I was also curious to hear J.M Le Clezio from who I only read Wandering star : a Novel which stages an Israeli and a Palestinian kid. This book still stays in my mind. It made me see how it is ill-judged and dramatic to perceive a person through his religion, his tradition, his nationality ( all the things that are not chosen).
Thus, Le Clezio explained to belong to the world of the words where he can investigate what is being about. He also kept on acknowledging people who filled his life. To me, these two statements envision also what NYC is about. J.M Le Clezio was a perfect introduction to the Pen World Voices Festival…. besides the fact, that this year, he won the Nobel Prize.

Neil Gaiman, Walter Mosley, Parker Posey, Michael Ondaatje, Rick Moody, Siri Hustvedt are among the attendees.


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