Soul Power

soul_power_poster_smStill at the Tribeca Film Fest…
1974 Kinshasa : Don King organized the exceptionnal boxing match between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman which brought Ali to be number One again. The documentary, When We Were Kings, shows beautyfully Ali trying to understand how he could beat Foreman instead of focusing only on the training. Eventually and fortunately all comes down to the brain ! Along with the fighting, a music festival took place and Soul Power tells -again- the story of the power of the self beyond anything else because

I’m somebody 

… The peculiarity, the power and the beauty of Black American Music is carried by the idea of being first and foremost.

Watching Bill Withers, sweating like hell and singing he could not believe she left him, Miriam Makeba performing “The Click Song”, Celia Cruz, the striking B.B. King and the crazy James Brown gave me goosebumps and joyfulness. I wanted to stand up and applauded. But that was not the case.

Needless to say that the outfits were simply incredible. Also none of the footage has ever been seen, including new sections with Ali.
Check it out Soul Power Trailer

Tomorrow, P-Rising Star : a New York story. Can a nine-year-old Harlem girl be an amazing rapper that adult rappers come to see ? Yes.


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