The Model as Muse

Tomorrow, The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion opens at the MET. This morning, I went to see this looked-for preview and event. Sure enough it was different from the others I was invited to. This one had to show off. Thus, a red carpet was put on the floor and while I was walking towards the room, I met Suzy Menkes and other fancy people whose, however, were unknown to me but I could tell by their attitude and outfits that they were somehow noted.

The Model as Muse displays the links between high fashion and evolving ideals of beauty through iconic fashion models from the 40’s till today. It’s a well done and entertaining exhibition with great photos -even though most of them had been over seen -, magazine covers and outfits. At one point, a flash took me away from the notice board I was reading. Bill Cunningham was there, holding his camera. Soon, I will write a post on this great New York character.

Last but not least, it’s interesting to see that fashion, because it’s exhibited at the MET for a decent period of time, is part of the American culture, therefore the popular culture. In France, I wonder if any big museum has a fashion/costume department that can hold an exhibition on contemporary fashion.

May 6, 2009–August 9, 2009

NB : Carla Bruni was nowhere that made me smile. Americans still believe she a kind of super cool bourgeoise bohême who carry a guitar but is also the spouse of the President of France. That’s great communication. As to believe that her face is natural ! Plastic surgery for lips, nose, cheekbones  and more. Just have a look at the photos 🙂


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