Fashion Street

Todd BSamantha is still roaming in West Village. While she was riding her bike, she saw this young man and literally jumped off her bike, she said, to ask him about his style. Here is Todd B, a 4o year old American  from Los Angeles, currently a Brooklynite who works as a fashion designer. He wears a John Varvatos‘s blazer, vest and tie, an Unis’s shirt, an Acne‘s jeans and Surface 2 Air‘s shoes.

His Favorites in NY

Expensive Store :  Odin

Cheap Store:  American Apparel

Restaurant : Building On Bond in Brooklyn

Nightlife Place:  Brooklyn Inn

Best Kept Secret: Fairway Market in Red Hook

I LOVE  NYC  for the bike paths (we need more!). Samantha Adam

©Samantha Adam


2 responses to “Fashion Street

  1. I LIKE!!!!

  2. Tell us you what do you like about this look

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