Anna Wintour

Anna wintourLast night, Anna Wintour was at 92 Y with Jonathan Tischfor for a talk about… fashion, of course ! And she said Conde believes in excellence. There’s no pressure for changes from the biz side and they never make arrangements with advertising  at  5 : 37 pm according to the NY Mag twitter. Really ! Grab an issue of Vogue or any fashion magazine, flip over the pages and you will be amazed to realize that most of the articles are about the products displayed on the ads… The ads bring the bacon to the magazines ! Thus  editor-in-chiefs meet people of the advertising department to see how they can please the brands that buy pages to print their ads. Therefore, Vogue has an average of 150 pages of ads before the reader can even reach the first article. So Anna Wintour, please ! Not to mention, the ridiculous amount of gifts send by the brands, especially the luxurious ones, to journalists … every day …. That said, I really think Anna Wintour is a fascinating New York character. She has been running Vogue for twenty years and never lost her point and her elegant style. Thus, she is talking about an issue that will deal with value… can’t wait to see. 

On Anna Wintour

She will be on 60 minutes this sunday, may 17th


2 responses to “Anna Wintour

  1. ça me fait PLAISIR.

  2. Marian (Brooklyn)

    waouw someon is telling the truth for once…
    I worked on the product side in a marketing department for a long time and no doubt, it is very much about advertising… Good product is a + but the myth of editors being completely separated from the sales department is just that A MYTH!!!

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