A selection of shows at the NY Photo Festival

American Youth
As I wrote it previously, the NY Photo Festival takes place in Dumbo and the exhibitions are scattered throughout ten streets between the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge. The neighborhood is lovely with its Venetia DeardenKimiko Yoshidabakeries, restaurants and cafés. Walking around and going from a place to another reminds me my annual trip to the Arles Photo Festival. I’m soaked into images. My mind looses its sense of time and reality. It feels as if it gets a deeper way of seeing life.

I was struck by American Youth. Redux Pictures agency comissioned his photographers to work on the newest generation of 18-24 year olds : only  hip hop girls party, Mormon missionaries, war widows or street kids.  They are all different but because of their age, they share a joyful and sometimes painful hypersensitivity. Redux wanted to find out how  they are different, and how they are exactly the same as the generations that came before? The overall view shows youth as a wide and intense range of emotions that seems evolving with the times. American Youth has been just published by Contrasto.  

I also loved Venitia Dearden‘s poetic and pastoral photos of her  rural english Somerset where she grew up. The light in her photos is amazing. She has been selected by Jon Levy, one out of the four curators who, I found, had put up the most vivid and interesting exhibition named Home for good.

Last but not least, I was marveled by the beauty of Kimiko Yoshido‘s Paintings. She prints her very elaborated photos on canvas.

The festival ends tomorrow night, guys, don’t miss it, it’s worth going.


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