Fashion Street

street fashion#4

Samantha, our fashion reporter, is a busy woman but she always keeps her eyes open. Even when she finds the time to relax, she can’t help spotting stylish people. Thus when she was at the Raines Law Room – a lounge I already talked about- having a drink with friends of her, she saw the bartender and immediately started to chat with him. After a few minutes, she finds out that his wife was as clothing dashing as him and she has managed to interview and take a picture of the them !

Jeremy James Foxtrot Thompson and Mashinka Foxtrot Firunts live in Astoria, Queens. He is a  27 year-old American and she is a 22 year-old Russian-Armenian.

He wears black ankle-High boots (Style: Madison) from Stacey Adams, a fitted black and grey striped pants bought at Trash and Vaudeville, a grey and black double breasted vest and a burgundy and grey striped shirt from H&M, a vintage and customed necktie, a Houndstooth hunting cap from Dorfman Pacific Company, a silver sleeve garters from John Helmer Haberdasher, a brass knife chain and a gold button-hole watch chain bought on eBay.

His favorites in NYC

Cheap Store: Reminiscence

Expensive Store: Lord Willys, In God We Trust

Restaurant: Tailor

Nightlife Spot: Death & Co and Foreign Affairs

Secret Place: Brunch at the Clover Club, Brooklyn, NY

I Love NY: New York can drink you under the table any hour of the day for the rest of your life. This is also why I hate New York.

She wears a Polo Shirt from All Might Clothing, a high-waisted skirt from H&M, a vintage bow tie from Reminiscence, a grey stockings by Hue, from Macy’s, a t-strap Mary Jane Pumps by Navid O Nadia and a cocktail Hat by Nicole & Co.

Her favorites in NYC

Cheap Store: ENZ

Expensive Store: Anna Sui, Agent Provocateur

Restaurant: Tailor

Nightlife Spot: Dances of Vice, Club Wit’s End, Foreign Affairs

Secret Place: Butler Library, Columbia Morningside Heights Campus

I Love NY: Dorothy Parker, Complete Works. Samantha Adam

©Samantha Adam


2 responses to “Fashion Street

  1. Marian (Brooklyn)


  2. They are so Perfect. She looks like Dita… younger.
    Love Samantha’s photo shoots and questions.

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