A New York Story

Paul Nathan

Jade came to New York to get her mind off her break up with her boyfriend. She remembered having her  highheels, her notebook, some clothes and money. But the money went slowly out of stack and she had to figure out how to make a living. It was Fashion Week Spring 2009 and she decided to act and pretend as if she was a model. She said “I was styled as a DIVA … And you now what? I got in.  There were photographers in that tent. They were all over me. I liked it, though I don’t know what it was … since I have tattoos. But I guess they saw something in me, that no other one saw before … A MODEL. Several people came up to me, handing me there business cards and there was one who I will never forget : Cedi Johnson, designer… He offered me right  away a SPOT in a Fashion Show : Ramirez Marmai Couture at Webster Hall. You know in Germany something like this would never happen. It happened to me in NYC“. Such a New York story, isn’t it ?

Paul Nathan took this photo of Jade. He actually had a photo session with her and published it on his website. No Photoshop. He did a great job with the light and she is there, captivating and appealing. RB

©Paul Nathan

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