Ace Hotel


Ace Hotel opened in New York a few days ago. This hotel is truly peculiar. It first opened in Seattle and Portland where the artistic community is strong.  Alex Calderwood, one of the founders, wanted to create a place where this community, family, and friends could hang out. It feels like that in those cities, only musicians, designers, writers, journalists, and green activists are living.

With this cool state of mind comes also a precise idea of the design and the will to work with local companies and artists. Thus they don’t build buildings but they renovate them and the furniture, that fills the place, is mostly vintage. Artists make often murals and in New York, Michael Anderson did a huge graffiti installation in the lobby. In each room, there are books and in the selected ones, turntables and vynil. The Ace Hotel is also well-know for its restaurant where food freshness is the motto. The Spotted Pig team was casted to set the NY restaurant named Breslin in honor of the building’s original name. No doubt the food will be good. I hope they will find a policy that will pleased most of the people in terms of reservations. Not like at the Spotted Pig. Opens in July. Last but not least, the range of price goes  from $ 99 to $ 599 in order to accomodate those with little money and big money.

Last night, the Ace had a party and you could feel the same vibe than in Portland. The crowd looked alike. It’s a multi-ethnic but generic crowd, as Shazna Nessa, our mademoiselle Gourmet, said. Men have  long hair, bushy beard, thick glasses frames, they wear old jeans and shirts and often they are stoutish. Women are colorful dressed with a 70’s flavor.

What I loved is that they kept their idea to set an old photo booth in the lobby. Best photos strip ever ! RB @RB

20 W 29th St
New York, NY 10001
(212) 679-2222



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