A Foodie’s disappointment at BKLYN Yard

(left) Girl resigns to reading as she waits in line (right) Pizzamoto vendor toils away lovingly, one pizza at a time

The girl on the left resigns to reading as she waits in line. In the meantime, the Pizza Moto vendor toils away lovingly, one pizza at a time.

Everything is a little bit harder in New York, and that includes the simple act of buying street food. The cool outdoor space known as BKLYN yard on the Gowanus Canal reopened today with the “Parked” party,  touted as “a celebration of the city’s best food trucks.” How could this Foodie resist? Under a perfect blue sky, I hastily biked over with my Foodie partner, salivating at the promise of Red Hook huarache vendors, Van Leeuwen artisan ice-cream and the mobile Pizza Moto oven.

In reality, the event was unsuitable for the hungry, but great for looking at cute summer dresses and grooving to the DJ.

I counted only two food vendors, tasked with feeding large crowds that formed a mess of zig-zagging queues. We took a deep breath and got in line for pizza, eyeing fresh ramps for our topping as the vendors labored over the dough, crafting each pizza. We told ourselves that after all, it’s OK to have to wait a bit for the best things in life. But after an hour waiting, we were still about 40 minutes away from pizza — and ramps had sold out. We cut our losses, disappointed. Oh well, another time…

Overheard at the huarache vendor line:
Girl to friend – “There’s only one woman cooking and like, 700 hipsters?”

Shazna Nessa


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