Fashion street

sam #5Samantha and the Meatpacking district are almost synonym. Our Anylife’s eye wanders around this neighborhood a lot. This week, she met Francesca Vuillemin a 25 French-Australian young woman who is a model and an environmentally friendly designer for Cat On A Mushroom.

Francesca lives in Nolita, wears headphones by Sony customized with ”My little Pony” stickers, a vintage, green felt coat by Paul Roland Couture, a Billion Dollar Babes dress by Michelle Cooke, stockings by Wolford, Lidu shoes and a Mondani‘s bag.

Her favorites

Cheap store: Forever 21 

Expensive store:Anna Sui

Restaurants: Blossom serves Gourmet, organic, vegan cuisine.

Nightlife place: Chloe81 and Beatrice Inn, currently closed, but should be reopening soon.

Secret place: Morning Side Parkall the way uptown, south of Harlem.

I LOVE NYC: The city exudes elegance, idealism and creativity. When you arrive in Manhattan you know that whatever happens will be a unique and memorable experience. Samantha Adam © Samantha Adam


2 responses to “Fashion street

  1. I think she is amazing & very rare……

    hope she is listening to goodbyemotel in those
    sony headphones.


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