Fashion Street

sylvieganterSylvie Ganter is a 36 year old French lady, living in Tribeca. She is the CEO of Atelier Cologne, a new perfume brand she is about to launch. When Samantha Adam, our fashion journalist, spotted Sylvie, she was in Washington Market Park in Tribeca. Sylvie was wearing a Steven Alan’s shirt, jacket and short, Urban Outfitters’s sandals, a Ginette’s necklace engraved with her daughters initials, a Dodo (Pomellato) bracelet, a vintage Rolex and Ray Ban’s sunglasses.

Her favorites

Cheap store: my own closet

Expensive store: Atelier Delalain, one of a kind and hand made furniture workshop

Restaurants: Smith and Mills for an intimate setting, the bar at Cafe Cluny or Zampa for an evening with my closest girlfriends, and Landmarc with children

Nightlife place: Raines Law Room or Freeman’s for a French 75, 105 Rivington to follow

Secret place: cannot share…

I LOVE  NYC: it is only 6 hours away from Paris.

Samantha Adam©Samantha Adam


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