Sara Rosen, a key person in the street art world

sara rosen

Street Art is the summer news. In NYC, Whole in the Wall presents Blade, Crash, Daze, Jonone, Quik, Lee Quinones, Rammellzee, Sharp, Kenneth Cappello is at the Milk Gallery, la Fondation Cartier will hold a Graffti exhibition in July and auction company, Millon Cornette de St Cyr, opens a street art department. Anylife met Sara Rosen.

Can you introduce yourself ?

I am the founder of Miss Rosen, a media company dedicated to art and culture that handles everything from publicity, promotions, and marketing to exhibitions, workshops, and video production. I recently resigned after nine years as Publicity & Marketing Director of PowerHouse Books, where I also published 15 books under my own imprint, Miss Rosen Editions, with titles by artists including Ricky Powell, Martha Cooper, Charlie Ahearn, Claw Money, Danielle Levitt, Boogie, and DJ Disco Wiz.

What makes your job so special to you?

I have long held that my personal and professional lives have been one and the same; starting my own company is the ultimate way for me to create the world in which I wish to live on my own terms.

What does NYC bring to you?

New York City has brought me just about everything I have in this world.

What does NYC take out from you?

I remember seeing a news story on the historic 1981 b-boy battle at Lincoln Center Out of Doors, which brought breakdancing into my life for the first time. Twenty-five years later I helped Martha Cooper and Nika Kramer produce a 25th anniversary battle—but this time, featuring only female dancers. I can’t say the City has taken anything from me. I’d rather say New York has allowed me the opportunity to give back to it!

What are you working on?

I am working on a thousand things, perhaps most importantly learning how to create workload that isn’t overwhelming! I am keeping a very exclusive client list. I am working closely with photo agency Redux Pictures, art book publisher Glitterati, photo historian Gail Buckland, and photographer Joe Conzo, as well as creating several new ventures from the ground up.


Her favorites

Cheap store: Housing Works

Expensive store:  BergdorfGoodman

Restaurant: Café Asean

Secret place: not tellin ..


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