Kids in America and others

believerLately, I have had two funny experiences in the city. The first one happened in Central Park while I was having lunch with a friend of mine. We were  on the grass, nibbling a salad and chatting. A group of kids where down the lawn playing with instructors. They must have been at 65 feet from us. When my friend lit a cigarette, a nanny, coming out of the blue, jumped on us, and annoyed asked if we were aware that kids were around. I tried to explain that the park was a public space and my friend was not puffing out her cigarette smoke right on the face of the kids…. She gazed at us as if we were retarded and said “can’t you use your common sense“ …but what about these kids yelling, shouting, screaming as if someone was about to cut their throat. Isn’t that called noise pollution ?

A few days ago, I went to the gym and after my class -Ignite !-  I jumped in the shower. I was washing my hair and my mind was full of thoughts about what I should do or not when suddenly my attention got caught by someone talking. After a few seconds, I understood that the woman in the shower next to mine was on her cell phone … Sounds wierd, isn’t it…. Needless to say that I’m still amused to see blackberries (no Iphone) laying on the floor of the classes and those who read a magazine  or a copy of the reader digest provided by Equinox while they are riding the bike or on the elliptical. A whole new world !RB ©The believer


One response to “Kids in America and others

  1. i love your “billet d’humeur”!
    more of those, please!


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