Dan Graham at the Whitney till oct, 11

Graham CM (1) - webdan-grahamgraham_figurative_600wDan Graham : beyond is the big exhibition at the Whitney for this summer. I met him this morning for Menstyle.fr. He wanted to eat an hamburger, so we went in a coffee shop nearby the museum. Dan Graham scratches his head softly but all the time as if he has to make sure that everything is ok. We talked for more than half an hour and when he droppped names – he did it often- it was hard to understand them. At one point he was talking about Nolita, his neighborhood, and said how much he likes zili, zila…. because he mentionned the quiche I understood he was talking about Ceci Cela ! The problem was that all the people he refered to are not Americans … So, I missed a lot because he wouldn’t spell the name for me. He ignored the request !  Dan Graham is still a radical, political and wild person. You don’t really have a conversation with him, you jump from one thought to another. His work is worth seeing because it’s cheeky and sometimes funny. remember the guy refers to crazy analist Wilhelm Reich ! RB


PS Dan Graham is Jewish and when I asked him in what ways he relates to judaism, he spoke about Walter Benjamin, Mel Brooks, Andy Kaufman. And I asked about Woody Allen ? He answered “he is very limited“….


2 responses to “Dan Graham at the Whitney till oct, 11

  1. “I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy myself, but I didn’t.”

  2. hola, buen sitio, felicidades

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