Public enemies

publicenemiesA press screening of Public Enemies was held two days ago. I went with some expectations. Michael Mann followed the life of John Dillinger (Johnny Depp) that means basically Great Depression and rising of the FBI through the hideous John Edgar Hoover (Billy Crudup) fearing neither God nor man. Unfortunately the characters, even if they did a good job, are not really connected to their times and we don’t understand where their intentions come from as the movie is a lot about gunfires. Therefore, even if the film is beautifully shot -maybe too esthetic- and the decor are more than real, I have to say I got bored especially because it lasted 2.30 hours…. not to mention the AC that is just unbereable and so damaging for the environmemt. Talking about AC, the last time I went to the Gym to take a Pilates class, the room was hot and the teacher was trying to find the AC. As she couldn’t find it she said “let’s pretend we are in Europe“…. let’s pretend we are responsible ! RB


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