Fashion street

sam street fashionSamantha Adam picked up on Michael Kale’s look when she was walking on 8 av and 13th. This young american man of  24 who lives in Bushwick, Brooklyn, is on hiatus from his job in the costume department at 30 Rock, so he is working at Steven Alan for the summer. Michael is wearing a Steven Alan shirt and tie which he said he got with his employee discount, a Sol Moscot Lemtosh glasses, a Brooks Brothers Black Fleece sweater vest which was given to him when he was a PA at Gossip Girl, a A.P.C. New Cure jeans that he has worn almost everyday for about 7 months without washing them ! “I don’t think I’ll ever wear another pair of jeans. The fit is just phenomenal and the detailing is so simple“ he tells. He wore Uniqlo socks and specified that you get 4 for $10 in all kinds of great colors, a John Varvatos wingtips and he uses Sharp’s Guck-in-a-Puck in his hair that are cut by Barry at Freeman’s.

His favorites

Cheap store:  You actually caught me on a rare day when I’m not wearing anything from a thrift store.  My favorites are Housing Works and Salvation Army.
Expensive store:  Steven Alan, Tokio 7 and Star Struck.
Restaurants:  Momofuku Ssam Bar, which I’m pretty sure is almost everyones’ favorite right now.  Also Jewel Bako, Macondo for Latin American small plates and light, Roberta’s has amazing pizza and house-cured meats and Danny Meyer’s restaurants.  Best service in the city.  2 of the best meals I’ve had in my life were at Gramercy Tavern and Eleven Madison Park (it was my dad’s 50th birthday.  We had an eleven course tasting menu for 14 people and the eleventh course was an eleven course dessert!)
Nightlife place:  I’m big into the cocktail/faux speakeasy : I got to Death & Co., Elsa, or PDT and then Black & White or Sweet Paradise for an impromptu dance party.
Secret place: There is no better place for a beer with friends in the world than a New York rooftop.  And each one is different.  Also, and maybe this is cheesy, but the inside of old New Yorkers heads have some of the coolest memories.  If you’re talking to an older New Yorker, make sure you find out something you didn’t know about a previous era of the city.
I LOVE  NYC: I can do pretty much whatever I want and there’s always someone doing something stranger.  New Yorkers have a great history of letting each other be themselves.

Samantha Adam©Samantha Adam


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