Chandler Burr

chandlerwrote  You or Someone Like You, a novel that was just published. He had a reading and signing this evening at one of the Barnes and Nobles in the Upper West Side. It was a New York/american experience. The crowd was almost a cliché. Old Jewish lady hidden by a hat, stuck on her cell phone who had everyone to know her life. A old couple with a fighter look, keen on learning new stuff, a middle age lady, lonely for who this event was maybe the only way to socialize etc …Chandler Burr entertained – too much LA style thought my friend- his audience when he was explaining the genesis of his book (below the pitch) that was written mainly to express the grudge he holds against religion and fondamentalism for being completly non sense and segregating. Coming from a Jewish background, Chandler Burr brought up this experience but made sure that he was pointing out the religious thinking in general. Scary. I wish these type of authors could have more space in the society. Therefore, I’m planning to buy the book. RB ©Alex Katz

Pitch It has been a long time since Anne Rosenbaum was at Columbia studying literature, but when the opportunity arises to lead an exclusive book club for the elite of Hollywood, Anne embraces the opportunity. Even though one of her husband’s friends warns her that no one in Hollywood actually reads, Anne’s bookclub is a success. The group tour Donne, Yeats, and many more, and Anne has a receptive forum for her increasingly bold opinions. But when Anne’s longtime husband and fellow Columbia alum, Howard, begins to have a crisis of identity that leads him to embrace the religion and cultural identity of his past, Anne must figure out how to navigate through these emotional times.


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  1. Hey, RB. I’m glad you thought it was interesting and I hope you enjoy the book. Let me know, and I mean that very seriously: the site is up now and is a public forum for discussion about the book, both positive AND very much negative. Everyone should bring it on. They should just make it intelligent and coherent, and we’ll have a great conversation.



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