Efficiency, a fool’s paradise ?

chickenmehAmerica is praised for its will to fix problem and always move forward. It’s a powerful thought to believe that everything is possible. Once you stick up from  it, you began to realize that this belief is ultimately very relative.

Gregory Rodriguez of the LA Times reports on this cultural behavior  refering to  Batista Schlesinger’s book “The Death of Why?” and wrote  in his Opinion column “Answers can be found in questions” “This overwhelming preference for outcome over process is part of what has led to the ideological polarization of the country. The desire for certainty — hard facts, quick answers — in an uncertain world leads people to take refuge in political or religious ideology. Ideological solutions — whether from the left or the right — generally offer us simple answers to complex problems (…) She advocates for what she calls “slow democracy.” She’s also asking us for a little humility and to embrace a healthy dose of doubt. Our salvation lies in our willingness to rethink the world in its ever-changing configurations.“

I end up thinking that what makes Europe, an old lady, slow moving, therefore less attractive,  is, on a long run, a more efficient quality in terms of personal, thus profesionnal achievement. RB


One response to “Efficiency, a fool’s paradise ?

  1. love it when you’re not meh.

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