Graydon Carter

graydoncarterWhen you live or love NYC, you want to know who is Graydon Carter. He is one of the most sought-after character in the city. He is the editor-in-chief of Vanity Fair and the owner of the snobbish Waverly Inn and the Monkey Bar two restaurants where schoomizing is the only thing you do – if you can get a table-. Therefore, he has access to a great amount of top-notch events. Not only he is a brilliant strategist but he produces also great documentaries : the amazing Surfwise that tells the story of crazy Doc Paskowitz, a surf referral, and his 9 kids roaming around beaches to spot the better place to live and surf, The kid stays in the picture that captures the stunning life of Robert Evans, the remarkable Hollywood producer, Gonzo : the life and work of Dr Hunter. S Thompson, the creator of a journalism which calls for personal thinking, way more riveting and stimulating than the so called objective school of journalism. He also helped on Valentino : The last Emperor.

Graydon Carter is the male side of Anna Wintour. He works in the same company – Condé Nast-, run one of the most influential magazine in the Western World and is most probably as difficult as her. But he seems more real. RB


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