Chandler Burr’s follow up

Chandler Burr wrote a comment under his post -that I just published -and wanted to let us know that, the website of  his book, is up now and is a public forum for discussion about his fiction and therefore religion. Think about it: Religious values are also about considering gays, women and children inferiors. They have less right than men and thus don’t get the same respect for their life. Is it the kind of society we want to live in ? Reminds me awful times. Also, don’t we (Western world) keep on saying that democratic values – equality of right, respect of privacy, …- are the best codes to set up a free and peaceful community ? Besides, religion forbid to question God’s existence – even though he never showed up -. That’s quirky and unsafe cause at the end of the day, the only true power we have comes from our intellectual capacities and we should all acknowledge it. On top of that, thinking that some people are second-class is about dealing with having a clear conscience or not.

Chandler Burr thinks that everyone should bring it on to make the debate intelligent and coherent, and have a great conversation. RB © Henry Holt and Company

PS : Chandler Burr got randomly on aNYlife


One response to “Chandler Burr’s follow up

  1. I finished “You or Someone Like You” a few evenings ago. It was a good read — hard to put down. Probably would make an excellent movie.

    That said, however, parts of this book are troubling. There are some racist, anti-semitic and anti-religious elements contained within that go unchecked.

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