Kareen Mallet, senior fashion director for Neiman Marcus


Kareen Mallet is a fine and delicate young woman very dedicate to her work who therefore is always busy. She is the senior fashion director women’s ready-to-wear for the Neiman Marcus group fashion services which includes Bergdorf and Neiman online. She is living in NYC since 1995.

What makes your job so special to you ? My job is to be the fashion conscience for the Neiman Marcus Group. I cover all the ready-to-wear and I get to see the fashion industry with a global view, from the struggling young designer to the established ones. I work with an enormous pool of talented people in the greatest city in the world.

What does NYC bring to you ? The streets in NYC are the best runways. I get a tremendous amount of inspiration from just walking around. There is a level of energy and constant newness that you can not find anywhere else.

What does NYC take out from you ? I guess it takes the French out of me a little. Because of that constant energy, I am always on the go and forget “l’art de paresser”. If anything, the city gives more than it takes.

What are your projects ? I just got back from 2 weeks vacation in Porto-Vecchio, Corsica, so right now I have to get my head back into work. I am working on Spring 2010, always scouting for new talents and appropriate trends to keep the Neiman Marcus Group as the dominant fashion retailer.

Kareen’s favorite restaurants. 
I like little inexpensive hidden places: Burger Joint, La Esquina, Freemans. Bagatelle is fun for dinner for a Euro ambiance. I like the restaurant at Bergdorf Goodman on the 7th floor for a nice quiet lunch where is, I think, the best NYC view on Central Park and the Plaza. Mariebelle in Soho has the best hot chocolate (served European style) in a whimsical environment. 
I enjoy Le Pain Quotidien on 40th Street, right around my office it is my little retreat during the day for a cappucino and a brioche with the company of a designer or a friend. RB

Kareen’s secret place is a tiny little shop Macaroons on 36th street and 7th ave, where they served the best macaroons, crepes and delicious French sandwiches.


2 responses to “Kareen Mallet, senior fashion director for Neiman Marcus

  1. It seems that Kareen is a phenominal woman and so fashionable! I hope she stays in NYC for a long time! Maybe she can help us all dress a bit better…

  2. Kareen’s eye is flawless – and Neiman Marcus IS the dominant retailor because of her talent. It sets that store apart in every way. I am also honored to not only call Kareen my guiding eye – but also a dear friend. x

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