September issue

september_issueThe documentary about the September issue of Vogue is playing since yesterday in theaters. This issue is the most important of the year in terms of money. The magazine is thick like a bible because it has a lot of ads. Therefore, the staff works on it from spring. Though, the film did not get in the business side. Then, why bother making a movie ? Maybe because,  R. J. Cutler, the filmmaker, might not have had access to this info, but he should have shown it as a friend of mine emphasized. Also Anna Wintour is nothing else but the Devil wears Prada. The filmmaker didn’t unravel her personnality and her influence to make the audience understand what drives her. Not to mention, André Leon Talley who is insanely vulgar and yet the movie has an interesting point with Grace Coddington, the creative director, who we get to know.  Fashion business, but for the designers, is almost useless. What is really riveting is to see the strenght of its business and how it affects the economy and also the consumers. Otherwise why on september 10, NYC and other cities in the world, will run  the fashion’s night out where  fashion retailers will keep their doors open late and implement creative customer experiences ?  Because the movie misses this point, it’s a very flat one. Not worth spending $12,5. RB


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  1. great article and so truth:)

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