The 70’s and the 80’s in NYC at the MoMa

Patti smithThe MoMa is holding an exhibition about NYC and its musical and literary/poet scene in the 70’s and 80’s. Means : Debbie Harry, Jenny Holzer, Basquiat, Patty Smith …. Art and music intertwined and create great Art. Some designed and published their own records and zines and used public-access cable as a venue for media experiments and cultural debates. Photos, magazines, record covers,  Tv shows and art –David Wojnarowicz did a great poster, sorry I can not find the picture of it- show the connexion that happened then between music and words.  Really nice to swing by, once you walk through the photo gallery and keep being riveted by Garry Winogrand, Friedlander, Strand and all these great American photographers. Till november, 30. RB © Patti Smith autoportrait


One response to “The 70’s and the 80’s in NYC at the MoMa

  1. I really like the Patti Smith auto-portrait you have on the site:)

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