John Patrick Organic

John Patrick Organic

Fashion week starts tomorrow. Though some events happens today amongst them John Patrick Organic‘s presentation and Fashion Night Out.

The former took place this morning at Keens, a speakeasish steak house midtown as the collection is designed in this mood. Quiet a few fashion journalists showed up with pen, note books and camera close at hand. Hairstylists were from Aveda crew, one of the greatest beauty spot in town.

The latter is happening tonight. More than 700 shops are open till 11 pm. Anna Wintour put on the event, she wanted to push for consumption as the fashion industry complained about the economic turmoil. Such a great idea while most of the people are facing enormous financial problems, isn’t it ? The good news is that lot of shops will have free champagne, food, music, exhibitions … The New York Magazine has even published a frugal guide of it ! Thanks to Anna Wintour, some will save some money tonight !RB ¬© RB


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