Michael Schwartz

MichaelMichael – he usually smiles all the time :)- works at Nouveau-PR, a PR fashion agency, in love with fashion. They still stand up for creativity. Not only, they are truly good people far from the usual arrogance of the fashion world. This afternoon, they had Risto‘s show -see photo below-.

Can you introduce yourself ? My name is Michael Schwartz. However, a lot of my friends call me: Mishka, which is short for my Russian name:
Mikhail. I should just start going by my full Russian name: Chernov Mikhail Markovich!

What is special about my job is that I help talents get recognization. For example, Risto is going to be showing for the first time in New York after having a presence in Europe, and already style.com, and New York Magazine are buzzing with news on him.Risto

Do I consider myself a New Yorker? I do consider myself a New Yorker. To me a New Yorker is someone who not only lives here, but has a circle of friends, and a routine.

What does New York bring to you ? A constant flurry of friends, and fun. There’s
always somewhere to go, something to do, or someone to see. It’s difficult making decisions when it comes to finalizing a plan since there’s so much to always do. New York also brings me a sense of comfort in being myself in my most natural state, as trite or banal as
that might sound.

What does NYC take out from you ? It takes energy out from me. I think New York is quite an exciting city, but a tiring one. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.

What are your projects? I have a small t-shirt line, DaraGOY, that is starting to get recognized and favored by a small circle of fashion insiders. My favorite projects would be creating my shirts, and exploring the city in finding inspiration for them.
Coffee places : As much as I love coffee, I don’t really have a coffee place. I grab Bubble Tea around Astor Place. Or, I love to grab Chai Varenya (Russian tea with jam) at the Russian Samovar.

Restaurant: Russian Samovar

Quiet place : the Cloisters



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