Minetta Tavern

minetta 1

Since last september when Minetta reopened it has been one of the hottest restaurants in NYC. Neil Mc Nally Pastis, Balthazar etc…- keeps on turning his place as the 1s to go. He knows how to renew a place. He renovated Minetta exactly as it was earlier. A place where artists, like Beat Poets, hanged out and bartered pictures for meals. As a matter of fact, there is no way to get in before 11 pm but if you know someone who can book a table for you… I did…. I know people from fashion week moved heaven and earth to get a table. Despite this infortunate reality, Minetta serves good brasserie food and has a speciality the Pat La Frieda “Black Label” burger made with a very high quality meat bought from one of the best NYC butcher. But as for the others restaurants Mc Nally owns, the place is excessively loud…. that’s a pattern in NYC which doesn’t seem to bother its dwellers….. RB

113 Macdougal St, New York – (212) 475-3850


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