Street Fashion


aNYlife is not about children business but how could Samantha resists this lovely girl whose name is Anais D’Haene. Actually Anylife will open a kid section !

Anais is  3 years old. She is American but her parents are Belgian & Korean which makes her a true new yorker !  Anais wears an H&M Scarf, a Zef sweater jacket, a Zara Leggings, Primigi Kids Mary Jane shoes and a dress made by her mommy. Anais lives in Tribeca and she loves to set the table.

Her favorites
Cheap store: Balloon Saloon

Expensive store: Kisan in Soho
Restaurants: Kori. Anais loves Korean food and Bouley Bakery for its pastries, pastries and pastries !
Nightlife place: My bedroom, sleeping with my peter rabbit.
Secret place: My big brother Nicholas’ s room with full of books and cartoon walls.
I LOVE NYC: Because it’s so beautiful and so much to do.

Samantha Adam©Samantha Adam


2 responses to “Street Fashion

  1. great kid!!! So cute:)

  2. Adorable! Great style!!!

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