Standard Hotel

strandardhotelThe Standard Hotel opened one year ago.  It was an event in NYC. Andre Balazs owns it !  The building itself is tasteless but its location is unique. The hotel is built  in the Meatpacking district right on the river -you can see the sunset reflecting on the hotel’s windows- and on the Highline where you can have the most romantic and friendly strolls ever in NYC. Though, Roman and Williams did an amazing job with the interior design.

One year later, the Standard Hotel became the place to go for a nightlife -The boom boom room- , for dinner and for sex.  In June the NY mag had a piece telling that passer-by  could witness a bit of nooky thanks to the windows facade … also Olivier Zam, super trendy Purple publisher and editor, chose the place to report on his horny life.


The Standard attracts a trendy, fashionnable, arty scene. Maybe not the most interesting butfor sure the most glamour and shiny one.

Rooms starts at $195, the average price in NYC.


848 Washington St.
(12th and 13th Sts.)


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